Real Stories

I have heard, seen and read hundreds of personal stories describing how Rodan+Fields products have brought about remarkable improvements in people’s skin.  There are photos from clinical trials that document the dramatic transformations. And “before and after” photos circulating on social media that chronicle how life changing the transformation can be. While I love them all, my personal favorites come from the women I work with directly. It’s an amazing experience to see, first-hand, the journey toward healthier skin – and the increased comfort and confidence that come with it.

annette-storyAnnette Childs
The Skin Says it All

I’ve known Annette since the days when we truly did have flawless skin! And I remember heading up to Lake Tahoe with our tanning oils – carefree and clueless to how that tan would look in 30 years! Annette is the first person I called when I started my Rodan+Fields business. And my first friend to try the products.
As a psychologist, she is face-to-face with clients daily, so it didn’t take long for people to start noticing a new brightness in her complexion…

When I initially tried R+F I held out no expectations at all. I took the ‘before’ picture that they suggest on a whim, but really never expected to be able to document a result. I was completely amazed, when my ‘After’ picture- taken just 7 days after beginning the REDEFINE regimen, clearly showed a noticeable improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. I have been a devoted customer ever since and for the first time in my life, I am committed to a daily skin care routine. If I had to summarize my R+F experience it would be this: Great results with minimal effort.

Shannon Tithof
Beauty without Botox

Shannon and I met when our oldest kids were in kindergarten together. She was the first person who told me I should be exfoliating! Truly. Who knew? I had gone to a dermatologist once in my 20’s and was told to use Cetaphil to wash my face. And that’s what I had been doing for 20+ years. Shannon, on the other hand, was a true skincare connoisseur. And it showed. She has amazing skin. But, as the doctor’s say, we are all aging all the time – and Shannon was looking for something more…

I’m part of a small minority of people who are allergic to botox. And I found out by trying it! So when Kelsey told me about the Acute Care patches I jumped on it. I love that I can use a natural alternative (hyaluranic acid and peptides) – and that I can do it at home. I also LOVE the clay mask cleanser in the REDEFINE regimen. I signed up as a consultant to get the discount, but I naturally tell people about the products because my personal experience – and because R+F is now the number one anti-aging brand. And it’s nice to have an extra stream of income in addition to my other 2 jobs!

maggie-storyMaggie Baker
Dramatic Change

I met Maggie at a weekend retreat for women. I distinctly remember running into her in the bathroom first thing in the morning and commenting on her beautiful skin. She told me she had suffered from cystic acne and I could not believe it. Her complexion looked completely smooth and even (and make-up free!). As I pried for more information, she told me that she partnered with the doctors who created ProActiv and, as they say, the rest is history. I hunted her down months later and Maggie introduced me to the products and the business opportunity.

I never had any issues with my skin until my early 30’s when I developed cystic acne. I tried everything –  ineffectual round after round of antibiotics and acutane. Nothing treated my skin from developing acne until I used the UNBLEMISH Regimen. I know how emotionally hard it can be to not like what you see when you look in the mirror. And I love that now I can offer other women (and men) a solution to their skin problems.
The REDEFINE and UNBLEMISH Regimens are restructuring and improving the texture of my skin, decreasing the appearance of my acne scars from my 30’s, and evening the tone, texture and complexion of my skin. And the business opporunity that Rodan+Fields offers has given me the ability to grow my own business and achieve financial freedom as a new mom-to-be!

bernice-storyBernice Favaloro
A Professional Perspective

Bernice and I were neighbors for several years on a street with a close community and lots of families and lots of houses in a little bit of space. It was pretty cozy so we got to know one another really well and I considered it a strike of luck that I had a top hairstylist from San Francisco in my midst. After going to her salon in the city a few times, she was nice enough to start cutting my hair in her home. And I remember being a little star-struck hearing about some of her clients.
Fast forward a few years, Bernice learned I had started my own skincare business with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and was immediately curious because, as things go, Katie was a client of Bernice’s years ago – before Dr. Katie Rodan was a household name and one of the most respected and well-known dermatologists globally.

When I first heard about Rodan+Fields there was no question I had to try it. I knew Katie in the years before ProActiv and knew I could trust anything she was behind. Having been in the beauty industry for nearly 30 years, I’ve tried everything. And I have to say, this line is something special. When I ended my first “60 day trial”, I was out of the clay mask and eye cream before I re-ordered and I noticed it in a big way! The daily routine of using this premium, dermatology-based skincare makes my skin look and feel much smoother, softer and younger. I now look forward to my order every month and want to recommend it to all my clients BECAUSE IT WORKS!

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